Juggling Fire

A few adventures

January 29, we visited Tapai Gate. The gate is part of the ancient city walls, most of which have been torn down. The portions that remain serve as a tourist attraction, and attract they do!

Every Sunday, merchants line the street in front of the gate. When I say line the street, I mean for miles, literally. We walked for nearly three hours and did not see half of everything. Masses of people visit the market each Sunday, and it’s hard to describe. Mostly you just move with the crowd, or I should say, the crowd just moves you. On the occasion that you do get to pause to look at something that catches your eye, it’s hard to concentrate on anything but people passing by. On one occasion, I tried to pinpoint each accent as I heard it. In the span of about one minute, I heard Arab, Australian, French, Greek, British and Asian accents. It was crazy.

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