Juggling Fire

Hello Church Families!

I am so happy to give you an update about our first week of Discipleship Training School at Create International. God is moving in a big way in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Short summaries of each week can be found on the Create International Web site at www.createthailand.com.

I won’t lie, the first week here was hard. I miss home. It is different here in the busy city. Lots of new and different smells and sounds fill the air, but as we are surrounded by the roars and purrs of vehicles and motor scooters (TONS of motor scooters), we also are surrounded by God’s great beauty. Thailand blossoms year ’round and is abundant with nature. Chiang Mai is at the foothills of a great and glorious mountain with a name no one here knows, which I think is strange, but atop the mountain is a temple so large it is visible from thousands of feet away. Doi Suthep Temple, which sits on the tip-top of the mountain, is a well known landmark in the city. Rumor has it, the king and his family often vacation there. The king has been very sick, however, and the last I heard, he remains in the hospital. He is very honored here. Thai people love the king, and his photo graces nearly every street in Chiang Mai. He has done a lot for this city, and they honor him for it.

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