Juggling Fire

Fruits and Nuts

This is what a 65-cent coconut from Thailand looks like. šŸ™‚

I know I wrote about being homesick, and I do miss home, but I certainly don’t want to sound like an ungrateful bellyacher, either. Thailand is a beautiful country, and although I haven’t seen anything but parts of Chiang Mai, I do have some favorite things here. One of them is the fruit stand down the street, where we can get bags of fresh-cut fruit for 10 baht (about 33 cents) and whole coconuts, fresh off the tree, for 20 baht (about 65 cents).

I don’t know what most of the fruits are, but Jaynee and IĀ loveĀ theĀ green guava, while Justine sticks with apples. The ladies chop the apples right there in front of you and put them in a bag and give you a skewer with which to eat the pieces one at a time. The guava comes with little packs of salty pink sugar (don’t ask me what it is, but I love it).

When you get a coconut, “the fruit lady” takes a big knife and wacks the top of the coconut to loosen the shell enough to form a round opening. Then she sticks a straw in it and hands it to you. She keeps the coconuts on ice, so they are always nice and cold and refreshing. You can drink the coconut milk and then take off the top shell and eat the coconut meat with a spoon. Oh. My. Goodness!

Chiang Mai is full of simple adventures and unique qualities that we are loving. In fact, as I’m typing this, a gecko is scurrying up the wall behind my computer desk …

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