Juggling Fire

How beautiful (and dirty) are the feet of those who bring good news

One thing we like about Thailand – bare feet!
One thing we don’t like about Thailand – dirty feet!

In Asia, the custom is to take off your shoes at the door of any home. I’ve had the reason explained to me a couple different ways. Basically, many Thais believe evil spirits are present in the dirt on the ground, and they don’t want to track it into their homes. We honor this custom because we live in their country and are thankful they welcome us here.

Every property in Chiang Mai (and other areas) contains a spirit house in the front yard. Some are small. Some are large. Some are really fancy and beautiful, and some look more like dime store bird houses. They all, however, give evil spirits a place to hang out instead of living inside the home.








A rather fancy spirit house. Buddhist Thais
leave food each day in their spirit houses
and burn incense
around them to appease
the spirits that live in them.








Tonight’s view from the front door. In the

morning when the boys and staff members
arrive, about 15 more pairs of shoes will be
scattered here. 🙂

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