Update 11 | YWAM Create International DTS – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Color Us Grateful!

Our first shipments of crayons have arrived, and we are having a heyday unpacking and sorting through everything! Thank you so much to the Carmen First Christian Church, Dennis and Margaret Hatlestad, and Chris Kimminau! WOW! Our team is blessed, and your generosity will bless hundreds of children in Cambodia and Thailand! 🙂

Our team had so much fun unpacking the boxes of crayons and coloring books sent to us.
Each of us want to say, “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

receiving a box of crayons for outreach from the U.S.

Sending thanks are, from left, Simon (Thailand), Richard (U.S.), Paul David (Philippines),
Charlotte (U.S.), Jocelyn (Philippines), Joshua (India), Adadey (Ghana) and me.


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