Students at YDC Kampot, Chukk, Cambodia

Update 14 | YWAM Create International DTS – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Best Part of Cambodia

Clowning around with Joel before class are a few of my students. We normally have about 30 students, but some missed today because they attended a wedding in the community.

The heart of Cambodia is the children! And this is where my heart is also. We teach English five days a week for the Youth Development Center, which just started in February 2012. Already, more than 90 students attend class! If  you have a love for teaching English to sweet Cambodian children hungry to learn, we invite you to come to Sihanoukville!

Each session lasts 10 weeks, and right now, three levels are divided into four separate classes. I teach a second level class with about 30 students in the “hut” school house, which staff members and volunteers built by hand before school started. Joel assists me, along with our favorite translator and good friend, Bona, who is a staff member at the base.

I love these students. I don’t know if I can bear to leave them. Already, I am dreading it. 😦 But for now, I will LOVE my time here with them.

How can I ever say goodbye to these faces?



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