razor wire fence around house in Cambodia

Update 18 | YWAM Create International DTS – Chiang Mai, Thailand

My Prayer for Cambodia

My prayer for Cambodia …

is that every person in this country will feel safe in their own homes and be able to remove the razor wire from the perimeter of their houses,

that the government will focus not only on the main roads but also what lies behind them, like children who rarely go to school, have no shoes and no soap, and adults who live in tin sheds with no bathroom, have no education (and therefore no job), and little hope,

that the significance of the word “karaoke bar” has no significance in the future – the very near future – and that the families who operate them and sell their daughters to work in them will be better educated in how to operate legitimate businesses and value life.

I pray that we are the light that brings Cambodia a ray of hope and that thousands of others will follow in our footsteps until Cambodia itself and its people can be a light and a hope for the entire world.

I pray all this, and accept it as truth, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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