Juggling Fire

Giving On Our Own

For Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Sunday night small group – April 29, 2012

I came to Thailand Jan. 1, 2012, as a volunteer. I was fortunate enough to have raised the money my daughters and I needed to live for six months before leaving the United States. I knew I could not have a job during this time, so I was glad to have the peace of financial stability during our stay.

When I worked full-time, I was faithful in tithing. I always gave 10 percent – if not more – of my weekly salary to the church, or wherever God led me to give. When I arrived in Thailand, however, I had no church or job, so I never thought about giving back to God what belonged to Him in the first place – until our second week of discipleship training.

Our school leader began speaking about tithing one day, and almost instantly, I felt God convicting my heart about the support we had raised to make the trip to Thailand. We raised almost the exact amount we needed, with a few dollars to spare for emergencies.

“But God,” I argued, “that money was given to us for mission work!”

“I’m well aware of that,” He said to me.

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