Juggling Fire

No Matter Where We Are

For Sihanoukville, Cambodia, prison ministry – May 5, 2012

I want to share with you today the story of Stephen.

Stephen was one of Jesus’ disciples. The Bible doesn’t say much about Stephen other than he was young, he was full of God’s grace, he did great wonders and miraculous signs among people, and he had the face of an angel. By that last description, many believe Stephen was a handsome man.

He is mentioned in only two chapters of the Bible, both in the book of Acts, but his commitment to Jesus was so significant that it made him a hero – the first martyr, or follower who gave his life in the name of Jesus Christ.

In Acts, we find Stephen being persecuted by the Jews. The high priests didn’t take a liking to the “miraculous signs and great wonders” Stephen was performing. Out of envy and fear, they arrested him and took him to the authorities.

Sitting in front of the authorities, Stephen didn’t just cower down. He took the opportunity to preach the Gospel. And he didn’t just preach the Gospel, he went into one of the most captivating and convicting testimonies ever to grace the pages of the Good Book. I dare say, his witness of Christ is unmatchable.

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