Juggling Fire

Headed to Hopiland

Today, we are headed out to Hopiland. It’s my first visit. The reservation is located about 90 miles north of our Flagstaff base. I am anxious to meet all the people I have been learning about for the last two weeks. Starting a new missionary job is just like every other job. The first few… Continue reading Headed to Hopiland

Juggling Fire

“35 Missed Calls”

I haven’t dreamed of Kentra in awhile. After we lost her in 1986 I would dream about her almost nightly. As time passed, the number of dreams about her decreased in frequency but remained ever powerful. I now only dream of her about once a year, but when I do, the dreams seem to last… Continue reading “35 Missed Calls”

Juggling Fire

New Home on the Mountain

Hello church families! I wasn’t sure this day would ever arrive, but here we are on the reservation! Actually, we’re a few miles south of the reservation, but what’s a few miles when we were across the globe just last month, right? Haha. We pulled into Flagstaff about 6 p.m. Saturday, took a tour of… Continue reading New Home on the Mountain