Juggling Fire

Boomerang Effect

We arrived safely in Washington state last Monday, August 6. It was good to hug my son and mom for the first time in almost eight months!

We arrived after ending our whirlwind world tour in England. We spent almost three weeks in Harpenden and London working with a YWAM team of 11 youth and six adults. We served St. James the Less church in London by helping with holiday club (vacation Bible school) in the mornings and sharing the Gospel through magic tricks, balloon modeling, dramas, and circus-type acts in the many parks of London during the afternoon. The girls and I both had a great time.

Days were long, but looking back, the past eight months have been fulfilling – and exhausting. It is good to get a break in the cool state of Washington. It’s also funny to see how God always makes sure His blessings come full circle, even (maybe especially) with the little things in life.

When we left Oklahoma, we sold almost everything we owned. I left five boxes labeled “To Keep” at my mom’s house and stashed the rest of what we didn’t sell at our last garage sale in mom’s garage, knowing she planned to sell her house and everything else at auction this summer. The rest of our junk could just go in the mix. I had no intentions of ever seeing any of that stuff again.

But God blesses those who honor Him – in the funniest ways sometimes.

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