Juggling Fire

Fruitful Visit to Hopiland

Our trip to Hopiland was fruitful – literally!

We arrived in Kykotsmovi village in Hopiland to visit Danielle, the only full-time Tribal Winds staff member who actually lives directly on the reservation among the Hopi. Danielle became a foster mother to two Hopi daughters two years ago, so her days are spent raising her daughters and working with local youth as well as visiting and praying with community members. She has lived in Hopiland for about six years.

Many Hopis consider her a light to Hopiland, maybe because she has beautiful blonde hair and a contagious smile. She is always so bubbly and beautiful, and she is like a house on a hill in a land that often seems very dark.

Tribal Winds staff member Danielle (center) at home with one of her Hopi foster daughters. It was Danielle’s birthday! Her other daughter was in school. On the right is our base director, Millie.

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