Juggling Fire

Odd(s) and Ends

We watched several hawks swoop up and down between the walls of the Grand Canyon.

After church-hopping for a few weeks, we have found a church home! We feel like God provided us a perfect fit at Mountain View Church in Flagstaff. The girls love the awesome children’s programs, and I am helping lead student ministries every Wednesday night. I help with middle school and high school age youth.

Leaders meet at 5:45 p.m. to pray for students and the evening’s program. Then at 6:30 p.m., the chaos begins! First games, then snacks and fellowship time, then the pastor or a leader gives a message, and we break into smaller groups and discuss.

I had an awesome group of middle school girls last week. I was so inspired by their openness and their young knowledge. I wanted to scream at my friend in Thailand, “Hey, Steve, this is what I signed up for!” (But I didn’t. Everyone would have thought I was nuts.)

I’ll join a women’s Bible study group that will begin next week. We’ll be studying and applying God’s Word regarding emotions in a series called “Unglued.” I’d like to say I don’t need any help controlling my emotions, but, um, I would be a big fat liar now wouldn’t I?

God sends help from the oddest places

I was driving one of our Hopi friends to Flagstaff last week to pick up her truck, which was being worked on. She was telling me how she was so fortunate to have the finances to pay for the work because she and her husband do not have a lot of money.

She told me she tries to sock back $5 or $10 here and there, and eventually it adds up. She had saved almost $600 when the alternator in the truck went out. The bill to repair the truck was $368, and she had to use the remainder of the money to travel to Farmington, N.M., to pick up her son, who has been in jail.

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