From Near and Far

Our Maori friends from New Zealand sound the Native drum while singing a Hopi worship song.

Hello Church Families!

From New Zealand, Holland, Hawaii, Egypt and across the United States, Hopiland has been blessed!

God has sent teams during the last month from each of these places to serve Hopi in so many ways. Our new friend Jany from Holland spent nearly two weeks working at the Hopi base, serving the church, and sharing the Gospel with the youth and families in Hopiland.

Our friends from the YWAM Create International base in Thailand visited last month for two days and were blessed to see, hear, taste, and smell how the Lord has touched each of the villages on the Hopi and Navajo reservations.

We hosted a team of 8 Maori from New Zealand for two weeks. They were the hands and feet of Jesus! They used their hands to help build a Hopi mud house for a woman on the reservation, and they used their feet to entertain the Hopi youth with the traditional Maori war dance, the Haka.

“We danced so many times for them I have bruises on my thighs,” said one team member.

“It was worth it to see the smiles on their faces,” said another Maori elder.

• Thank you for praying for the teams who have blessed the Hopi base. Please continue to pray that more teams will hear God’s calling to serve the Hopi people.

Discipleship Training School

We have accepted four students for the DTS in January! We continue to pray for four other applicants. My new job is handling all DTS correspondence. I’m excited about this precious responsibility. Not only do I get to welcome new students and give them the incredible news that they have been accepted into the discipleship school, but I also get to minister to each of them as they write back with questions and concerns about how their lives will change – and they will change! – next year.

I remember this time last year when I received the news that we had been accepted to DTS in Thailand. I had a million questions, and my DTS leader provided such encouragement through prayer and her e-mails. I hope I can serve our students with as much faithfulness and grace.

• Please continue to pray for students who have been accepted, students who have applied, and students who have heard God’s calling to apply but have not taken that life-altering step of faith.

Youth Group and Prison Ministry

I continue to serve each Wednesday night with our church’s student ministries. The young men and women there melt my heart. I am scheduled for prison ministry training Oct. 23.

• Please pray for a young girl from our youth group who was in a car accident last week. She was not seriously injured, but I know she is hurting both physically and emotionally. Pray that she will be a light in her own household.

• Please also pray for every student who attends our student ministries, including my girls. These young people have such self esteem and peer pressure issues. I am blessed each week when they ask me to pray for their needs.

Retreat in Flagstaff

We have received God’s confirmation that we should host a retreat weekend for YWAM Native ministries and their families. We have been praying for direction regarding this endeavor. We hope the weekend will provide ways for those involved with Native ministries across the U.S. to get together, exchange stories and ideas, enjoy fellowship and worship together, and provide a few days for families to grow in their walk with the Lord.

The weekend coincides with a reconciliation conference that takes place the prior weekend on a reservation in California. Some of our staff members will attend.

• Please join me in prayer in asking God if I should attend the reconciliation conference. The conference falls on October 31, the same night our church hosts its annual “Light Night” outreach. More than 1,300 children attended Light Night last year, and many accepted Jesus into their hearts during this time. The church needs all the volunteers it can get. Plus, I love spending this special night of the year with the girls, but the reconciliation conference also can help me learn more about our ministry and can serve as part of my leadership training. I know God knows what He wants me to do, so let’s ask Him together!

I want to thank each and every one of you for your prayers and support. We are finally feeling like our feet are set on a rock here in Flagstaff. God shows us a new purpose for bringing us here every day. You make it possible for us to minister to youth, disciple new believers, and shine light into the hearts of the Hopis. Thank you! You, too, are the hands and feet of Jesus!

Korina, Jaynee, Justine

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