Juggling Fire

In the Beginning

I used to groan at the thought of reading from the Book of Genesis … again. I mean, how much more could we possibly know about God creating this and that and animals and arks and sibling rivalry? Yawn. That’s so old school.

As I walk along with God (ok, it’s actually God dragging me sometimes), I am discovering the pure beauty and actual simplicity (yes, I said simplicity) of God’s foundation for us. Now, in my “older” and surely wiser years, I have trouble getting past Genesis 1!

How crazy is creation, right?!?

I finished reading The Message Bible last week, and I dug into my new Bible – the New King James Version of the New Spirit-Filled Life Bible. With all those “New”s in there, it’s bound to be refreshing.

So, new Bible, new reading plan, new journal page, new box of colored pencils … same old Genesis. Blah.

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