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Accepted to School of Biblical Studies!

I’ve been accepted to the YWAM School of Biblical Studies online program!

I wrote to you earlier in the year about applying for this school. I just received an e-mail today letting me know I’ve been accepted.

The school is an intense Bible study course focused on pressing deep into Biblical passages, meanings, history, and key words and teaching students how to share God’s Word effectively with others.

The SBS is normally offered at locations throughout the world as a nine-month course. However, the e-SBS course allows a little more time to complete since it is designed for people like me who are at home with their families and working in localized ministries.

The course consists of 17 modules. Students are allowed up to six weeks to complete each module. Students also can pay for each module as they go. I wrote in an earlier newsletter that I’m seeking sponsors for each module, which cost between (approximately) $50 and $150 each. The entire course will cost (approximately) $1,797. Costs for each module are listed here on the e-SBS Website. Note that costs are listed in British pounds; I have converted the total cost to U.S. dollars. U.S. residents pay Category A costs.

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