Movie Nights Bring Hope

I’ll bring the movie. You invite the people.
Together we’ll send hope.

I’m still seeking a church or community group to provide a location to host a viewing of The Pink Room.

The Pink Room is a beautiful 45-minute film showcasing a life-giving ministry for young women who have fallen prey to the sex trafficking industry.

The Pink Room will make you smile; it will make you cry; but most of all it will raise your awareness and fill your heart. You don’t have to be a large group. Just one person can change millions. Will you be the one?

Please help me in raising awareness for these victims and the ministry that rescues them. E-mail me at for details. (There aren’t many. It’s easy to host a viewing. I do most of the work, and costs are minimal – if anything at all.)

You can view the trailer here: The Pink Room

Here’s what Agape International Missions has to say about the film:

“Mien was 12 years old when she was sold into a brothel.

Caught in poverty, illiteracy and a culture that exploits and trafficks children as young as 4 years old, she saw no option but to leave her family in rural Cambodia to live in the brothels of Svay Pak.

The Pink Room Documentary started as a project to expose the unthinkable realities of child sex trafficking in Cambodia. As the documentary team followed the devastated lives of little girls like Mien, they found her story did not end at victimization but in victory. It became an unbelievable story of hope and transformation currently happening through the efforts of AIM (Agape International Missions), a transformation that reached from one child to an entire city.

This year, The Pink Room Documentary has won 12 film festival awards internationally, including Best Documentary by the Los Angeles Underground Film Festival. Not only is it a beautiful film, it is an excellent tool to spread awareness and give opportunities for action. This film could deeply impact your community to take action in the rescue and restoration of enslaved children.”

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