Juggling Fire

Movie Nights Bring Hope

I’ll bring the movie. You invite the people.
Together we’ll send hope.


I’m still seeking a church or community group to provide a location to host a viewing of The Pink Room.

The Pink Room is a beautiful 45-minute film showcasing a life-giving ministry for young women who have fallen prey to the sex trafficking industry.

The Pink Room will make you smile; it will make you cry; but most of all it will raise your awareness and fill your heart. You don’t have to be a large group. Just one person can change millions. Will you be the one?

Please help me in raising awareness for these victims and the ministry that rescues them. E-mail me at okiepress@yahoo.com for details. (There aren’t many. It’s easy to host a viewing. I do most of the work, and costs are minimal – if anything at all.)

You can view the trailer here: The Pink Room

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