Juggling Fire

Exposed for the Good

Today in the School of Biblical Studies, we wrapped up the book of Titus.

As our final assignment, we had to answer the question, “What does this letter teach about the qualities of a Christian leader? As a leader yourself, how does this impact you?”

Here’s my response:

Exposed for the Good

There stood Titus. Uncircumcised. A gentile. On an island. Surrounded by Greeks just like him. But also by heathens. And also by high Jewish officials.

And he was to preach the Gospel.

He had been with Paul. He had seen it done. He had done it himself. But this was different.

Paul was biting at him to bring immediate order to perpetual chaos. His fellow Greeks were saying, “We’re confused.” Some Greeks spit on the Gospel. Jews told him, “You’re dirty in the eyes of God.”

Oh, to be Titus. It pains me to think about standing in his shoes.

Hey, wait a second. Is that why my feet hurt so badly? Is that why my mind is spinning? Is that why I feared coming back to Oklahoma? Why I can’t hang out with my old friends? Why I struggle sending my kids to public school? Why it’s harder than anything now to live in the “real world”?

OH. MY. GOODNESS. I am Titus!

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