Sponsor Us

I am less than $800 from my financial goal. Will you help me finish this race?

Partner With Us

Contributions help fund outreach missions, as well as educate and send out new disciples throughout Southeast Asia, North America, and beyond. We literally cannot do this without you!

Currently, I am seeking sponsors for the School of Biblical Studies. I have reached $1,005 of my $1,797 financial goal. Please view the course description and fees as you prayerfully consider sponsoring a module. (Note: fees are listed in British pounds, and U.S. citizens pay costs for Category A.)

After completing this course, I will be eligible to join the staff at one of the 30 YWAM Schools of Biblical Studies across the globe or join the online staff and work from wherever God sends us.

So please know that your support puts you on the mission field with us, and we thank you so much for joining us! As full-time mission workers, we work voluntarily and do not earn a salary.

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