Juggling Fire

Getting Closer to Goal

Greetings! We hope this update finds you well and blessed!

Joseph, Justine, Korina, Jaynee

Joseph, Justine, Korina, Jaynee

We have had a wonderful few months back in the United States. We wanted to let you know what we have been up to since August 2012 and to let you know that God has called us back to Thailand for our next mission.During the past six months God has sent us to many places:

  • Three months working with the Hopis in Arizona.
  • Visiting our supporting churches and building new relationships with individuals and ministries throughout Oklahoma and Kansas.
  • Raising $569.50 for our water filter campaign, which will fund 11 water filters for a village near Battambang, Cambodia. We hope to deliver the filters this summer. If we are unable to go to the village, we will send the filters with a team from Washington who will visit Cambodia in June.
  • Raising awareness for sex trafficking victims in Cambodia through Agape International Missions, a ministry that brings hope and love to these beautiful women.
  • Studying the Bible in YWAM’s School of Biblical Studies. I have completed studies for the books of Philemon, Titus, and Galatians, and I’m wrapping up the book of Mark. I will begin a study of Psalm next. These studies have taken me deep into the Word of God and will prepare me to teach the Bible in many capacities, including to future YWAM students, unreached people groups, and other missionaries.

So, now it’s time to return to Thailand.

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