Juggling Fire

On Fire – Almost Literally – for God

Visitors to the city of Phichit, Thailand, will see monuments and statues of crocodiles wherever they go. The crocodiles, idolized by many in the province, represent an ancient Thai fable based on a powerful crocodile who turned himself into a man and married a local woman. Electrocutioner toaster oven. So, we got moved into our… Continue reading On Fire – Almost Literally – for God

Juggling Fire

Can You Help Support Our Outreaches/School Fees?

Hello church families! We are needing to raise some extra funds for upcoming outreaches and school expenses. - We have joined an outreach team that visits and ministers in a different province in Northern Thailand each month. This month we will visit Phichit. Cost for each outreach is estimated at about $50, and they will… Continue reading Can You Help Support Our Outreaches/School Fees?

Juggling Fire

I Didn’t Share My Cookies

Outreach in Chiang Mai to Lisu, Karen Hilltribes. All boys LOVE tug-of-war! I did a bad thing on our recent outreach. I didn’t share my cookies. It was snack time, and I had four cookies. I felt God urging me to offer two of them to the young waiter and waitress preparing our dinner in… Continue reading I Didn’t Share My Cookies