Peace in P’Lok

“He sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.” – Luke 9:2

During our outreach to Phitsanulok, we laid hands on this man with cancer. He believes he will be healed through his faith in Jesus, and we do, too. Please pray for complete remission of his cancer.
During our outreach to Phitsanulok, we laid hands on this man with cancer. He believes he will be healed through his faith in Jesus, and we do, too. Please pray for complete remission of his cancer.

“So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you;

seek, and you will find;

knock, and it will be opened to you.” – Luke 11:9

The simple act of knocking on a door can be petrifying. Will the door be opened? Who will open it? How will they respond?

These are questions new believers had during our recent outreach to Phitsanulok (pronounced peace-a-nu-lōk´) in Northern Thailand.

Our team spent the outreach with two churches helping to build relationships with residents in their respective communities.

One church is established in its current location, but members felt called to visit with neighbors in a nearby village. We split into three teams and accompanied church members to three neighborhoods to pray for the sick, encourage new believers, and share with non-believers about the hope in Jesus Christ.

Our team went to visit an older woman who was led to Christ through her daughter who married a man from Switzerland 15 years ago. The older woman explained how God had transformed her life of debt and poverty to a life of hope and prosperity because her daughter never gave up on her. Every time she and her daughter talked on the phone, her daughter would say, “I will pray for you,” but the mother was reluctant to accept Jesus.

Her debt got worse, as did her relationship with her daughter.

After many years, the woman finally said, “OK, please pray for me!” Soon after, she was reunited with her daughter, her financial situation improved, and hope was restored in her heart. She and her son now live in a home surrounded by pictures of Jesus – a strange sight in Thailand!

We prayed for her and her son’s health and that their testimonies, often rejected by neighbors with whom they share the gospel, will be heard and believed as the truth.

We also stopped at a home to visit with a young woman who one of the church members knew, but she wasn’t home. Her mother was there babysitting her young son. We invited the grandmother to church and visited with her, but I think God’s plan was a little different than ours because it was her neighbor who wanted to talk to us most! He came out of his house and asked us question after question. He even accepted a Create International DVD made for Central and Northern Thais.

On our way back to the church, a woman peeked over her fence and shouted, “Hello!” to us as we passed. As we stopped to speak to her, one woman from the church realized she knew the woman from 10 years ago. They had the best talk. The woman at the house told the woman from the church that she looked different – better than she used to, and the woman from the church was able to witness to her about the hope she’s found in Jesus.

The woman at the house and her niece also accepted the Create International DVD. The woman said she was greatly in debt and could not see an escape from it. We know who holds the keys to unlock the burden of debt. Pray this woman asks Jesus to unlock the gate.

The other church group had just built a church building in a new location and wanted us to accompany them in getting to know people in the community. Sometimes, a little encouragement can go a long way.

The church members told us they were leery of visiting with community members because they were afraid the church was not welcome in that area. What a different story we found!

Doors and hearts were open in every single home we visited. We invited several people to church and found many individuals who were interested in knowing more about Jesus. Of course, we also met many who had excuses not to come to church: they had young children, prior commitments, etc.

Please pray these individuals will make time to attend church services. One hour could change their lives forever.

We know many seeds were planted and watered during our outreach to Phitsanulok. Pray that the church members there will continue to water these seeds so they can see God grow the fruit that has been planted.

Do you have a heart to see more seeds planted and watered in Thailand? Please consider a monthly sponsorship. You can learn how to send monthly payments by visiting our Sponsor Us page.


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