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The Last Supper :(

Breakfast Lasagna!
Breakfast Lasagna!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Jesus loved a good meal.

Every Tuesday for the last 12 weeks, our staff and students have gathered at what we call the “White House” (because It’s a house that is white) to enjoy a home-cooked meal and a great time of fellowship.

It is my honor and joy to cook for everyone. Tonight we had a crowd of about 30 people. Unfortunately, it was our last meal together for a while. One team leaves for outreach on Thursday to southern Thailand, where they will film for three weeks to produce a movie for people in that region. The other team leaves for Nepal next Tuesday. They will share the gospel through contextualized artwork.

I will miss everyone! We have great chats on Tuesday evenings, and I love just sitting down and hanging out.

Tonight we caught a special moment on camera: our friend Shyama eating bacon for the first time! She said it was delicious. Our reply? Of course it’s delicious! It’s BACON! Haha.

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