Juggling Fire

School, and How I Lie

We made it through the second week of homeschool cooperative. Woo hoo. I wish I were one of those moms who lives for school events. Fact is, I’ve tried. I’m not.

Fortunately, my kids are cool with that.

I told Jaynee after our first homeschool parent meeting, “I’m sorry I’m not one of those moms who jumps for joy at the thought of school activities and parent meetings. I’d like to be the mom who loves playground duty and watching rehearsals, but I’m just not. I wasn’t with your brother, and as hard as I try, I’m not gonna be with you.”

For once, Jaynee and I saw eye-to-eye about something.

“That’s perfectly fine with me, mom,” she said. “I find those moms so annoying.”

Well, thank goodness for inappropriate perspectives.

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