Juggling Fire

Where are my tweezers?

You is kind smart important

My inadequacy as a homeschooling mom overwhelms me.

I sat last Monday listening to the other moms during our “moms meeting” discuss homeschooling curriculum like it was everyday laundry soap and toothpaste brands. They compared homeschooling Web sites, resources, libraries, DVDs, songs, sign languages, symphony programs, professional sports tryouts … . OK, I’m lying about some of those topics, but I’m not saying which ones.

As I sat there, slumped over the table, my arm barely holding up my wrist which was buckling under the weight of my head now drowning in millions of thoughts of imperfection, all I could think was, “Aren’t these meeting supposed to help our homeschooling endeavors? Shouldn’t we feel better when we leave here?”

I was ready for lunch after the first list of 32 resources went around the table. Then came the verbal resumes of mothers from across the globe: “I’ve been homeschooling for 15 years, and the first year, we used … .” The list took my breath away.

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