Piece of Toast

bird toastI hate talking to God about money. I wish He would just supply me with a bucket full of cash, and I would never have to discuss finances with him again.

But God knows if he gave us all we ever wanted, we would never talk to him at all.

Yesterday, I cried as I listened to a student tell her story of faith in finance. From the roof of a building in Nepal, she sat her breakfast toast on a ledge to enjoy the view for a few minutes. It was during those few minutes her school leader joined her on the roof to tell her that financial needs for the outreach trip had been met – something she had prayed and fretted about for many weeks.

She turned around to see a piece of her toast was gone. Then several birds landed by her second piece of toast and started pecking away. God reminded her at that moment that he even provides for the birds – ironically, with her toast! How could she doubt that he would provide for her even more?

I promise God every month I’ll stop worrying about finances. For 41 years he has met my needs. Still, every month seems to be a new challenge. And then I hear stories about toast and read testimonies from friends and students who stress about the same things. That’s comforting – not to see others struggling, but seeing them lean on God and praise him when he comes through. And he always comes through.

I stumbled upon a couple quotes from my friend’s blog today. She and I pray together often – about many things, including finances. On the mission field it helps to stand together through common struggles.

This quote helped me put it all into perspective – AGAIN: “I’ve had the opportunity to know God as provider in a way that a lot of people don’t. I want to be honest with you: sometimes this is hard and this can be stressful. BUT, I wouldn’t trade the opportunity to know God this way!”

True that. (That’s the best cool ghetto phrase I’ve got.)

Thank you, Lord, for this reminder and also for this one (also from my friend’s blog): “Generosity isn’t really a naturally-occurring tendency but a God-inspired phenomenon.”

Giving is a gift, and I am thankful for the many friends God has inspired to give to us to propel us forward in this ministry. I see changed hearts and hope all around me. I am blessed by this, and I want you to be also. Thailand is a beautiful, hard place to be all at the same time, but I wouldn’t change it for anything, unless, of course, God asks me to.


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