Juggling Fire

To Be Yourself

(My wrap-up and personal application for the Book of Romans, School of Biblical Studies – University of the Nations)

to be yourself

What happened to the bold, confident 16-year-old girl who quoted this very phrase by heart when her youth minister asked the question, “If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be?”

“I wouldn’t be anyone,” that girl said. “I’d just be me because that’s who God made me to be.”

Yet, somewhere between that very moment and the dreams she would do anything to make come true, that girl lost sight of the motto she had taped to the inside of her school locker door. She forgot who she was, and she surrounded herself with people who told her who they thought she was. Sometimes that was worthless; sometimes that was high and mighty; sometimes that was stupid; sometimes that was too good.

So which was it? Was she proud or was she useless?

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