Juggling Fire

Challenge Accepted

God has challenged me to write more, to pray more, to share more, and to call others to get involved.

Each day I will post one or two simple prayer requests. Will you stand with me in prayer to intercede for the nations?

As we near the time to begin DTS, we have many students in need of visas, childcare, housing, finances, safety, and God’s favor. They will come to Thailand to learn how to change hearts in their own nations and beyond. They will come to Thailand in search of hope – for themselves and to share with others.

Also, at this time, I have been accepted onboard with Global Media Outreach to serve as an online missionary to unreached people across the world. I responded to my first e-mail from a new believer last night.

Today’s prayer requests:

– Please pray for a new believer in Indonesia. The e-mail last night said this person had just prayed to accept Jesus. Pray this person’s heart is open and that he/she will be accepting to the hope and healing Jesus can and will provide. Pray this person reads my response. Pray that I listened to the Holy Spirit when responding, and that this person will continue to correspond with me until he/she is able to share the hope of Jesus with others in Indonesia.

– Please pray for a conference call our director and DTS leader is having right now with two individuals from oppressed and unreached people groups. The prospective DTS students are praying about coming to Thailand to join us in January for DTS. They will need great favor in getting here safely.

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