Juggling Fire

Keeping It Clean

This morning I saw a photo on my friend’s Facebook page of two little boys in Africa gathering water from a reedy pond near their remote village. It reminded me of the outreach we are taking next week to work with the Shan people near the Burmese border. We will install water filters and hydroponics systems.

– Please pray for more, more, more – more water filters and more hands to deliver and install them. This is close to our hearts as Justine suffered from eColi bacteria last year on our trip to Cambodia – and she drank filtered water! We watched her lie in bed with fever and sickness for two weeks. She lost 13 pounds. We finally found a doctor four and a half hours away to treat her. We were blessed to have the means to take her there. Many people in remote villages do not have access to clean water OR medical care. Imagine how life is for them. Pray that together – I’m talking about you and me – we can make their lives better through the love of Jesus.

If you desire to contribute to this mission – it’s such an important one (I mean, they all are, but maybe this one just holds a really special place in my heart) – please visit our Sponsor Us page to see how you can be those hands that are changing lives through the love of Jesus.

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