Juggling Fire

Filtering Out the Bad Stuff

We are heading to Northern Thailand, near the Burmese border, tomorrow to help install water filters and a hydroponics system for people in a Shan village. We want to accomplish a lot of things in the short three days we will be with them. Not only do we want to provide a source for clean water and sustainable food growth, but we want to provide them with living water and sustainable growth that no man-made device can provide.

In addition to helping the adults with the water filter and hydroponics systems, we will work with a group of about 90 school-age children who do not know Jesus.

– Please pray that we are able, through the God who is able, to bring them an abundant supply of living water, both physically, through the filters, and Spiritually, through the Word of God. Pray for success in all matters.

– Pray for safe travels. We are caravanning in a few different vehicles, and in Northern Thailand, lots of mountains, highways, and sometimes dirt roads are included in the journey. We ask for God’s protection over everyone involved in this outreach.

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