Juggling Fire

Redemption and Repentance

Students molding clay to express how God has been working through them.
Students molding clay to express how God has been working through their lives.


Week 4 of discipleship training school already?

It’s hard to believe just a few weeks ago we were praying for students’ visas and safe travels, and now we are preparing for our first outreach!

We will travel soon to the northeastern region of Thailand to work with one of the poorest people groups – the Isaan. The Isaan are beautiful people with huge hearts. Please pray they are open to hearing the love of Jesus who brings hope to all in every condition around the world.

I know the students will be ready to serve the people of Isaan. They have walked through a week of learning how to study the Bible and grow their intimacy with God through His Word. They spent a week learning how to hear God’s voice and act accordingly when he calls. Last week they listened to one of the founding members of YWAM talk about the nature and character of God. This week they are working on redemption and repentance along with the father heart of God.

We as staff have grown right alongside them and have stood with them as they have received revelation and realization of their value in God’s eyes. It is truly a blessing to witness this transformation.

Speaking of transformation, that happens to be the theme for our DTS. We believe God is molding and shaping these new disciples so they can realize their full potential and purpose in the Kingdom. It is awesome to see them realizing that they indeed do have a purpose and that each and every one of them is worthy of fulfilling it!

We have watched them let go of past heartaches and burdens and reach to new heights for God’s glory. We even enacted a “knighting” of one student to show him his great worth in God’s Kingdom!

Click to Watch the “Knighting!” …

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