Our Week in Udon Thani

I wanted to share some photos from our outreach to Issan in northeastern Thailand. This was the first mission trip many of our students have ever taken.

It was a great week with a full schedule, and I was honored to see our students step out and step up to share the Gospel.

God was clearly present. The craziest thing happened.

As a staff, we prayed several months ago about where God wanted us to go during our long 8-week outreach from April to June. God clearly told us to go plants seeds in the dry places along the Mekong River.

We also prayed about this past outreach, and God told us to go to Issan. Little did we know that the location of our outreach was near the Thai-Laos border. I laughed out loud when our host pulled up literally right beside the Mekong River!

We spent the day on the banks of the river visiting with school children, sharing Gospel tracts, playing, and getting to know the community of Nong Khai.

God is so awesome.


  • During our outreach, we saw dozens of children and many adults pray to receive Jesus in their hearts. Pray that they continue to seek Jesus and know him better and that the churches in those areas will continue to build relationships with each of these individuals.
  • Our students are thriving and growing in their relationship with God. It is truly awesome and heartwarming to watch. Six of them were baptized two weeks ago, and many have made the decision to commit their lives to full-time missions. Pray they seek God for direction in each of their callings and for strength as God stretches them beyond their comfort zones in completing the great commission.
  • We will go on a second one-week outreach soon near the Myanmar-Thai border, also along the Mekong. Pray for open hearts in this area and for safe travels. Pray also for each of us, staff and students, to reach our financial goals to be able to complete this outreach.
  • Our financial needs remain the same as our last newsletter. However, we have decided to postpone our trip to the U.S. until a later time, possibly next year. I spoke to Joseph a couple weeks ago, and he suggested we hold off on the trip until we can stay longer. He is busy the weekend of his college graduation and will not be able to spend much time with us during that time, so he suggested we wait. He is going to save up and plans to visit us in Thailand in December! Please pray for this to happen as we miss him very much and want him to see what God is doing in Thailand.
  • I am praying about staffing our next training school – the School of Frontier Media, which runs from July to December. This is a second-level school that trains missionaries to make films for unreached people groups with people from those groups in the peoples’ heart languages. The girls are supportive (even excited) about the possibility of me staffing the school, and so am I. Please join me in prayer to make sure this is what God wants us to do. The school also includes a 3-week outreach to an unreached people group, so in lieu of donating toward plane tickets, we ask that you pray about contributing toward our future outreaches and visa renewals.


  • Outreach to Myanmar-Thai border (one week) – $300
  • Outreach along Mekong River (Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam) – $5,700
  • Visa renewal – $600

Thank you so much for being a part of our mission in Southeast Asia!

Much love and many blessings!

Korina, Jaynee, Justine

If you have a heart for the unreached in SE Asia and beyond, please consider partnering with us to continue bringing hope to the nations of Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and many more. Visit our Sponsor Us page to contribute today.


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