Juggling Fire

Our Week in Udon Thani

I wanted to share some photos from our outreach to Issan in northeastern Thailand. This was the first mission trip many of our students have ever taken.

It was a great week with a full schedule, and I was honored to see our students step out and step up to share the Gospel.

God was clearly present. The craziest thing happened.

As a staff, we prayed several months ago about where God wanted us to go during our long 8-week outreach from April to June. God clearly told us to go plants seeds in the dry places along the Mekong River.

We also prayed about this past outreach, and God told us to go to Issan. Little did we know that the location of our outreach was near the Thai-Laos border. I laughed out loud when our host pulled up literally right beside the Mekong River!

We spent the day on the banks of the river visiting with school children, sharing Gospel tracts, playing, and getting to know the community of Nong Khai.

God is so awesome.

Click to See Photos from Our Outreach …

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