Juggling Fire

Fundraising Time

Greetings! CURRENT HAPPENINGS Our art and film schools are entering Week 5 with eight students from five nations. Students studied cross-cultural communications and ethno-arts together the first three weeks. Film students then studied photography last week and are learning scriptwriting this week. Art students are studying beginning and advanced drawing. Each student will take these… Continue reading Fundraising Time

Juggling Fire

Fenceless Gardens are Fruitless

Just read this quote on Facebook: "Boundaries keep the things you want in your life IN, like: love, joy, hope or peace. Boundaries will also keep OUT of your life what you do not want, like: disrespect, fear, hopelessness or anxiety. Boundaries help protect your priorities. Boundaries communicate value." - Danny Lee Silk It makes sense… Continue reading Fenceless Gardens are Fruitless