100% Funded Challenge


I am only one

When you’re on the mission field, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of ministry and work and doing what God calls us to do. For me, that means spending most waking hours training students to make films and resources for people who have never heard the Gospel.

It’s encouraging to see the students excited about new projects and burdened for unreached people groups. It’s even more encouraging to look at the views of past projects on our Web site Our videos are reaching thousands on the Internet every day. Those are the resources we can monitor. On top of that, hundreds of individuals are out there distributing thousands of copies of our DVDs to people all over the world.

That’s what we do here at Create International. And we love it. But lately it’s come to our attention that we love it so much, sometimes we neglect to take care of the very people who can make all this happen. Those people are us.

We hear it all the time: take care of yourself! Don’t get burnt out!

But often we don’t know exactly how to do that because while we’re doing what we love, we also are working for others who send us, pray for us and support us along the way. It’s hard to say, “I need to take care of myself first” when we feel like we are being taken care of by others who are counting on us to go into the nations and represent Jesus for those who either cannot go or were called in different ways.

But lately we have been challenged to do just that – take care of ourselves. It makes sense, really. Although I don’t think about it much. We cannot fully do what we are called to do if we are lacking in personal areas.

We’ve spent the last few weeks learning what it means to take care of ourselves and lean on God’s provision through supporters like you during a 12-week course on raising missions support through Biblical guidance. Paul was able to share the Gospel because of others’ blessings. Elijah depended on a poor widow to sustain his very life. The Levites counted on faithful tithes and offerings not only to eat but to build homes and live. They had whole families to consider.

Just like the Levites, those of us here in Thailand (and all over the world) also must rely on God moving in the hearts of others to meet not only our ministry needs but also our day-to-day allowances. The Bible is full of examples of how God sends disciples and prophets out while calling others to sustain them.

That’s what missions is, and we all are given our own callings as part of it: Some are called to go. Some are called to intercede. Some are called to provide.

Have you asked God what your role might be?

We have been challenged to put into action the Biblical principles we have been learning.

We are encouraged to reach out to you and simply ask … will you pray about your role in the Kingdom?

If you feel you are one who is called to provide, would you consider helping us meet our financial needs?

We are proposing a fairly simple challenge to start.

We are asking for 10 people to make a commitment of $50 each month for one year.

At the end of the year, we will reevaluate our ministry and your commitment to us and ask you to pray whether or not to extend your pledge for another year.

What do you think? What is God telling you?

If that answer is, yes, you would love to help sustain us on the field, please make your pledge by replying with a simple “YES!” to this e-mail or placing a “YES!” and your name in the comment box below. We’ll handle the rest by sending you information on how you can donate monthly.

It really is that simple.


Your gift helps reach thousands across the world who don’t know the hope of Jesus.

We’d love to receive your “YES!” today … and say thank you in advance.


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