Braving Bangkok: Reporting for Duty

REPORTING FOR DUTY: New office, new city, new ministries. REPORTING FOR DUTY: New office, new city, new ministries.

Bangkok. Wow, it’s different.

Chiang Mai was a “small” city of three million people, or at least that’s how I came to view it after living there for nearly three years.

Bangkok. Not so much.

Everything you read about Bangkok is true. It’s big. It’s busy. It’s really warm. Wait. It’s monstrous. It’s crazy. It’s smoldering HOT. That’s more like it.

Nevertheless, we’re getting the hang of it. Instead of hopping on the motorbike to go from place to place like we did in Chiang Mai, now we hop on a bus, then a train and sometimes a taxi. Because of this, our Thai is improving, and our patience is growing.


Yesterday was my first official day at the office. I took a bus, then a train, then another bus on a two-hour journey across the city to sit in on an orientation and to learn a little more about how I will serve YWAM Thailand in this new season.

God has blessed me with a new ministry in which I can work largely from home, allowing me to help the girls with their homeschooling and be a more-present mom than I was last year. However, I’ll still go to the office at least once a week to check in, get updates, join worship and staff meetings and also to get to know my new ministry family better.

I’ll learn more about my specific role in YWAM Global Communications in the next few weeks. My work will center around sharing the Gospel through the work of fellow missionaries, inviting others worldwide to find their fit into missions and working on new training strategies to equip new and existing missionaries on the field.

I feel I have found my niche. It’s cool to look back and see how God was leading me one baby step at a time to get where we are today … which is in Bangkok. Yikes and hallelujah, all at the same time. Lord, we’re going to need a lot of guidance!


I posted our year-end newsletter on Facebook and mailed a few out, and I MEANT to send it out by e-mail, but after posting and printing and mailing and addressing – and moving 10 hours away in the midst of all that, I completely forgot to upload it to our blog!

If you missed it and want to see our 2014 recap, click on the first photo below and scroll through:

Also, if you have an interest in our new ministries, please take a look at and

Welcome to the new year! We send much love and many blessings in 2015!

Korina, Jaynee, Justine


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