Update From Nepal and An Exciting Announcement

Greetings from Thailand. Prayers for Nepal.

A couple weeks ago, our friends set out on a short-term outreach to Nepal. When they arrived, the city of Kathmandu looked like this:

kathmandu before quake

Now, the city looks like this:

We are thankful our friends are safe, but my heart is heavy for thousands of lives lost. Please keep Nepal in your prayers as relief efforts get underway.

One of our friends serves long-term in Nepal. She has provided this link for anyone who wants to help with relief efforts. This organization is helping to provide clean water, blankets and supplies:

Here is a short video from our friend Jono, who is part of the YWAM team who went to Nepal on outreach before the quake hit:


Even though it seems ill-timed while so much is happening with our friends in Nepal, I have exciting news to share.

During the last few months, I’ve felt God putting something on my heart, which honestly, I have fought tooth and nail!

Last year while praying about our next steps in missions, I received a word from God saying 2015 will be the “Year of Prophessing,” (spelled all weird like that). I kept this to myself because I didn’t know what it meant; I knew God would reveal it in His own time.

God knows my heart to teach journalism. I’ve told you several times that it’s my desire to teach journalism to missionaries on the field. MY desire. I kept asking God to make it happen … if it is HIS desire.

I’ve spoken to YWAM leaders, who supported the idea of starting a journalism school, but it seemed there was always some roadblock or hesitation in getting a school started.

One of our YWAM leaders finally said, point blank, “Do you want to ‘waste’ your experience on teaching something that can never be legitimately put into practice?”

Now, as harsh as that statement sounded, we both knew what she meant. My efforts would never be wasted on the mission field, but I had told her I want to train journalists well enough to get jobs with any media outlet, to which she replied, “You can train anyone in the world to be a journalist, and you can train them well, but unless they can wave a college degree around during a job interview, they will never be viewed as a legitimate reporter.”

She has a lot of wisdom and experience. She also values truth and justice in the media.

So, there’s that.

Still, I wanted to be stubborn.

I started my master’s degree in 2010 with the intention of teaching journalism at the university level. I was about halfway through the program when I decided to join missions. I have given every excuse in the book to not finish my degree. My number one reason for not finishing was that I would never find a program here in Thailand. I contacted the university where I started my degree and learned I couldn’t finish the entire program online. I would have to physically be in the U.S. for at least two courses.

Well, wouldn’t you just know it? God has moved us right down the road from the ONLY American campus in the entire country of Thailand. I like to say I discovered it on a fluke, but I think we all know by now how I really discovered it. It just so happens that of the four graduate programs available, one of them is media communications, specifically focused on teaching journalism at the university level.

So, there’s that, too.

Then, there is the craziest thing ever. I have this young Muslim friend (yes, I said Muslim) in Egypt who I chat with on occasion. He messaged me recently and said, “I dreamed about you last night!”

“Oh, yeah? What did you dream?” I asked. At that moment, I just felt a strange stirring, like what he would say next would be a weird confirmation of sorts.

He said, “I dreamed your photo was on the front page of the newspaper.”

So, there’s also that. Our God works through all people at all times.

I am happy to announce that I have been accepted into graduate school at Webster University, based out of St. Louis, Mo., and will be a student again on May 18.

I am fortunate to have the full support of my family and ministry leader and can continue my ministry with YWAM Global Communications while attending school. God is good, all the time … and works in the strangest ways.


Homeschool coop starts up again next week. The girls will take a science class and enjoy some extracurricular activities. I will teach photography to 22 junior high and high school students. Yikes! 🙂

The girls also began volleyball and flag football this week. They play four times a week in the afternoons.

flag football

Last week, they helped with a bake sale at church. Jaynee organized the entire event. We even got William in the kitchen to make a batch of no-bake cookies! Justine and Jaynee made scrumptious brownies. They raised more than 11,000 baht (about $330)! Proceeds will help redecorate and furnish the youth room at the church.

bake sale


We still hope to visit America this year. Our window to visit is between July 18 and August 20, if we are able to raise the funds. The girls are about halfway there.

If you want to help with their flights and funding, you can donate to them individually.

Jaynee’s Trip to America Fund:

Justine’s Trip to America Fund:

As for me, well, I’ve been kind of a slacker. I feel like all I do is ask for money for this and that. If you would like to help with my ticket to America, you can click the “Donate” button on the upper right-hand side of the page or send a donation to our church mission fund:

First Christian Church
Angel Fund – Korina Dove Missions
202 S. Kansas Ave.
Cherokee OK 73728


Besides praying for all of the above, could you please pray for my eyes? I’ve had a recurrent eye infection for several months. I’m typing this newsletter through red, watery, sticky, goopy, painful eyes right now, which is probably too much information. Gross. Sorry. I wish I could just get in the car and drive to Dr. Newton’s office. But I can’t. So, can you please pray that this this infection clears up quickly?

Thank you so much for your prayers and love. We love you right back. And if we can pray for you in any way, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Much love and many hugs,

Korina, Jaynee, Justine


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