12-Month HOPP

The May HOPP- Helping the Homeless

In Bangkok, Thailand, in 2014, there were over 3,000 people that were on the streets, begging for anything that someone would give them. The Social Development and Human Security Ministry has said that this rate has been increasing by 5-10% annually in the last 10 Years.

It’s not unknown that there are a lot of beggars in Thailand, often times associated with a bigger organization that is based off of crime. Their goal is to send these people out and force them to beg for money, and it isn’t unusual for the beggars to be met with a non-sufficient food ration and unkind treatment.

So for the month of May, we’re focusing on the streets of Bangkok. We can’t provide a shelter for all of these people but what we can do, is provide a full stomach for a day or two for at least 20 people, if not more.

On May 13, at 1:30 p.m., we welcome you to join us in preparing a simple meal, bringing leftovers or canned goods, and delivering it to those that don’t have the luxury of even 1 meal a day.

We also welcome you to bring dog and cat food or as little as 100baht so that we may provide a meal for the stray animals that will cross our paths. All extra funds will go towards supporting PAWS Bangkok, a shelter that provides needed attention to stray cats.

We also welcome you to get your friends involved. The bigger team that we have, the more people we can provide for.

We will be meeting at the end of Sukhumvit soi 10, just before the wooden bridge into the park. We’ll start down Sukhumvit road and venture until we have given out all of the food.

Not in Bangkok? That’s okay! You can put together a small team of your own and feed those around you! Or if that’s not an option, you can donate money through the PayPal link connected above. Just make sure that you leave a note stating that it’s for The May HOPP.

On May 19th, we will be joining an organization that sits down with and provides food for those around the palace area in Bangkok. We will sit and eat and just talk to people to show them that they’re loved and cared for. We’ll create connections with those that don’t have the opportunity to meet many new people. If you’re in the Bangkok area, and interested in joining, please contact us at the12monthHOPP@gmail.com or on our Facebook page The Twelve Month HOPP, before May 13th.

This months challenge for YOU: feed one or more hungry person or animal in your community, it will provide them with feeling full for at least a day, and they’ll appreciate it more than you could know.

What else can you do to get involved?

-Share our pages around with your friends and family, it doesn’t matter where they live because the great thing about HOPP is that anyone can get involved!

-Pray that we will have the opportunity to talk to and make connections with some of the people that we will meet in the next month. We hope that we will be able to show people the love that everyone deserves, no matter what their life is like.

-Join us in our adventure and follow along with us for the next 12 months. It’s going to be an exciting, eventful year, and hopefully we can inspire others to make a difference in their community as well.




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