Juggling Fire

For Momma

By Jaynee

In midsummer, some time ago, momma came home to say hi to the rest of the family. She has always had a light with her that not everyone has. She has known how to love and how to help, how to smile and how to cry, how to struggle and how to deal with the situations that she is  faced with. Growing up, she learned how to make friends and keep secrets. To this day momma still won’t tell.

She has always had a laugh that could send everyone into a spiral of silly breaths and noises, even to tears. She has always brought happiness to situations that don’t have the brightest mood to them. She has found the good heart in everyone, and she uses that to her best ability.

She can always work with what she has. For the first 6 years of her life, momma was so fascinated by her belly button that peaked out of her belly. She then learned to be proud of her belly button after the doctors fixed it to stay inside of her belly.

When she was young, momma couldn’t read time. She knew what shows were on by the customers of grandma’s beauty shop. Every week they came in at the same time, and momma would run back to the house to watch her show. One day though, a customer came in at a different time and momma ran back to the house and came back crying. “It’s not time for your show yet.” grandma would tell her. “But Mrs.[Name here] is here!” she’d respond, confused by the situation.

Momma has always been charming too, but she has never been the most fashionable person. Since little, she wore clothes that didn’t look great to others, but that she wore with the utmost confidence. Her sister didn’t like it and would get angry, but I admire that about momma. She doesn’t care what others think, even from a young age. Maybe that’s what helped lead to her career choice.

Momma was smart. She could have had any job that she wanted. “I want to be a rose!” she would say. She got there too. Maybe not from the outer appearance. To others, she’s a writer, but to me, she’s a beautiful warrior, who chose a path that she knew was risky, but that she knew she could do. She bloomed with every article that she wrote and with every step she took. She’s a writer from the very bottom of her heart, all the way to the top. To some that’s foolish, but to me that’s brave. To me, she chose a job that she enjoyed, a job that sheds light and spreads truth. A job that she had to learn to look into situations, to look at different people and factors. She chose a job that she could use to teach her children with, about truth, and justice, and writing essays in school so that we don’t fail. She chose a job that many people can’t do, no matter how easy they may think it is.

In 2011, momma made a tough choice. It was the right one too. She took two of us to a new country and was told by many that it wouldn’t work. Doing something like she did will always bring out the real friends, but momma handled it as if it were just another day. She made the tough decision to change our school system, to show us instead of read us. It was only supposed to be for a year, but that turned into much longer. She made a new home for us.

Momma is “The cool mom” to our friends. From the conversations over lebanese food to the video explaining how things get stuck in her pant legs for a full day. She played kids vs. adults and we would look to her for the answers. “Steve Jobs!” and “Mandarins!” will forever be a joke that we can all laugh at.

You should see momma now. She’s happy as ever, she’s got 3 more kids too. They may not be by blood, but she loves them just as much. She chose to have more and to care for them just as much as us. Momma gave us more family. It couldn’t have been easy, but I’m sure glad that she did.

Momma has been such an inspiration to so many people, and she has gone through so much, but momma is still standing strong. Momma is brave, she is fragile, she is beautiful, she is fierce, she is able, she is compassionate, she is funny, she is adventurous, she is capable, she is considerate, she is experienced, she is emotional, she is smart, she is talented; Momma is a woman of God.

Today Momma turned 46, but she is still young as ever. We ate lunch and sang a song but I can never fully show my love and appreciation for her. Momma, I love you so much. Happy birthday, I hope to spend many more with you. 





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