12-Month HOPP

The August HOPP – Overview

The month of August is over which means that we are officially 1/3 of the way through the 12 Month HOPP! I don't know about you, but to me that's super exciting. This month, we volunteered with NightLight, which is an organization that provides care for women who have been placed into the sex trafficking… Continue reading The August HOPP – Overview

12-Month HOPP

The August HOPP – NightLight International

As we step into the next month of The 12-Month HOPP, we will continue to help out at the organization from last months HOPP as well as joining RakTeh to feed the homeless community on Saturday, August 18th. This month, we're focusing on bringing awareness to the growing industry in Thailand, that is the Red… Continue reading The August HOPP – NightLight International

12-Month HOPP

The July HOPP – Overview

The third month of the Helping Other People Project is over! And once again, God helped us with so much more than we could have hoped for! This month started out with us continuing to volunteer for the organization in the slum communities, that was mentioned in the last post. If you haven't seen that,… Continue reading The July HOPP – Overview