12-Month HOPP

The August HOPP – Overview

The month of August is over which means that we are officially 1/3 of the way through the 12 Month HOPP! I don’t know about you, but to me that’s super exciting.

This month, we volunteered with NightLight, which is an organization that provides care for women who have been placed into the sex trafficking industry here in Thailand. A lot of the work they do is inside the bars in Bangkok, so we couldn’t work hugely with them because we are minors, but that’s okay.

NightLight is one of the places that we donated to during the June HOPP. We gave them craft supplies, women’s clothes, and toiletries.

This month, we ended up making and packaging 20 meals and 60 cookies for a medical night that they had, where they gave free blood testing for the women in the area.

We also did live music at their cafe, which provides jobs for women who come out of the industry. We performed for nearly two hours with a mix of 80’s songs, new songs, and worship songs. The goal was to bring business into the cafe, and we were able to reach that goal! A lot of people from church invited friends and family and the cafe was filled. We had some people outside talking to others who came into the cafe as well. The music didn’t go 100% perfect, but it did go really well. By then end of it, those of us who sang didn’t have much of a voice left, but had a lot of energy. I can definitely see us doing something like this again.


And that’s really it for this month. It was a small thing but it was so very awesome to do. Thank you to everyone who helped and supported us, it means a lot. It was so awesome to see how God worked through other people to get to us at the beginning of this month, and to see how it worked out is so amazing.

-Much love from The HOPP Team


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