12-Month HOPP

Prayers Needed

If you’ve been reading our updates, you know that for the last few months, we’ve been working with an organizations here in Bangkok that helps children that live in the slums of Bangkok. This experience has been so incredibly amazing and really, a God sent place.

One of the many reasons that we volunteered at this place, is because the family that owns it, was away for a few months for some family and church things, and they were in desperate need of help. We’ve stepped in while they’ve been away, but now they’re back in Thailand and have regained their  usual place. It was heartwarming to see the children so happy that they were back, and it’s going to be heartbreaking to have our last day next week.

We were able to give them the money that we raised with our board game night, as well as quite a few kids clothes and toys. We also asked if they had anything specific that they need help with or prayers for, and here’s what they said.

Last month, there was a fire that is assumed to have started from a faulty wire int he water machine. No one was in the building when it happened, so luckily no one was harmed. The building structure is also okay, nothing had to be rebuilt, which is so amazing. But a lot of the stuff that they owned, was destroyed. Being an organization that runs off of donations, this was especially hard for them to see. So they’ve asked for prayers that they’ll be able to recover as much as they can, and that God will provide them with what they need.

They’ve also asked for prayers for more staff. As we mentioned in our July post, many of their staff had quit working several months ago, leaving them with only two Thai staff. They are in need of a few more, and are especially praying for a Thai man to come and be an example for the little boys who go. You can see the change that the young boys have anytime any male goes, and it’s just the cutest to see how they interact so differently. They’d love a man who can talk with them fluently and who can walk beside them with their faith, as normally in slum homes, you don’t get many good male examples.

The last thing that they’ve asked for is prayers for a boy that the organization works with.

Last week, we learned that he had been in the hospital for a full month, unable to walk due to an infection. He ended up needing to get spinal surgery, and faced critical conditions for a lot of the time that he was there. We asked him if he was scared and he said, “No, I knew that God had a plan.” and we know too, that God isn’t finished with this boy.

He’s back on his feet now, but is still recovering, and he has said that his back is still in pain. He’s not to his full self yet, you can see that he’s not well when you’re around him, but we ask for prayers that he will soon be fully healed and as active as before.

So as we go into this next month, next week we will have our last day working with these wonderful children, but we will be back helping the organization with things to build what they have and to also help at times such as Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who has followed along and helped out these last few months, we’re all so thankful for you ❤




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