12-Month HOPP

The November HOPP – PAWS Bangkok

I know, we suck at uploading posts on time. We’ve been having to deal with some issues that have come up and it has gotten us distracted for too long. 

Anyways, for the seventh month of the Helping Other People Project, we will be working with Paws Bangkok! 

PAWS is a shelter for street cats that was opened a while ago by a westerner named Amy. She wanted to help the kitties, and so her husband and her set up this organization to provide a safe place for cats to get de-sexed and immunized, as well as taken care of for anything that they have wrong with them. This organization has so many incredible rescue stories, our hearts drop and fill back up every time we hear one. 

So, what are we gonna do? 

Well, we’re going to go to PAWS and volunteer wherever they need us. This will consist of a day of training and briefing, and then we can start.

We’re also going to simply spread the word. PAWS is completely donation based, so either they rely on adoptions or they rely on more donations, to provide more room and care for the cats. Recently, they hit the maximum amount of cats that they can take in, and until some of them get taken to a new home, they won’t be able to help any others. 

If you’re in Bangkok and want to help:

  • you can volunteer at the shelter, which is located near BTS Bang Chak station.
  • You can adopt a cat, so long as you think that you’d be a good fit for one! 
  • You can donate world wide! PAWS takes international donations through their paypal account using  protect@pawsbangkok.org. With exchange rates, a small amount from western countries, means a lot here in Thailand. 

If you decide to donate, here’s what that money can do. 

  • 6 USD (200 baht) can buy a tube of life saving antibiotics
  • 30 USD (1000 baht) can buy a bottle of anesthetic, which helps with de-sexing the cats
  • 75 USD (2500 baht) can buy a tray of 25 vaccines 

So, as you can see, there’s quite a bit that you can do, even if you’re not in Bangkok! We hope that you’ll check out their page and help out if you can! 

Much Love,

The HOPP Team 


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