12-Month HOPP

The November HOPP Overview and December HOPP – Merry Christmas

This month we stepped into the world of stray cats and foster systems, and we talked about PAWS Bangkok. 

PAWS is a shelter here in Bangkok that provides medicine and care for stray cats coming off the street. Their goal is to de-sex as many cats as possible and provide safe and loving environments for the little (and not so little) kittens that they host. Here are some pictures of the cats that they currently have. 

Above we have (from left to right) Train Boy, who was hit by a train and lost his front and back leg on the left side. He’s very active and loves people. Next we have a cat the was hit by a car, and is now paralyzed in his back legs. He sits like this a lot of the time, but he’s still very loving and active when he wants to be. In the third picture, we have 2 kittens that haven’t been named, and are new. They’re presumed to be around 6 months old. The last picture is of a cat that we don’t know the name, but was also hit by a car and fractured many bones. Her body can only move towards his right, and can’t straighten up. She’s gotten better since living at PAWS, and is no longer in any pain. Slowly, they’re giving her therapy to straighten out as much as possible. 

We met a lot of other cats, some with sad stories and some with calm stories. We met some cats with feline leukemia, some with skin conditions, some with messed up bones, and many that were completely healthy. 

We went to PAWS and toured the organization, as well as met all the cats that they have. Right now, that’s around 70. We did a video interview with one of the veterinarians there, and that’s still being edited. We’ve been having difficulties with editing software. So sorry about that. 

We also raised a few donations for PAWS, and if you didn’t get a chance to, but would still like to, you can donate at their PayPal at 
protect@pawsbangkok.org. Even small international donations help a lot due to the exchange rate. Here’s what you can do. The best way to convert prices is going by 30s, it’s not exact but it’s close. I usually go 30 baht is equal to one dollar. 

And Our December HOPP

We decided that we would go chill for Christmas and we wouldn’t host anything. This is out of the idea that the HOPP was made to show people the different levels and way that they can help. 

So we are joining our local churches and organizations and just participating in their events. One of our church’s partners are doing a trip down to the South of Thailand, and I will be joining that, unfortunately Brodie will still be in Australia. 

This trip will happen from December 19 – December 22 and we will be helping to host a Christmas party for a few small schools. 

I will also be joining ECB to be a character in the nativity interactive event that they are having for the children and families of the church. I’m going to be playing Mary, and I will be acting inside of the city of Bethlehem, which is being set up by the amazing child’s care team. 

As of now, that’s all we have planned, and we want to encourage you to get involved with people around you. At this time of year, there’s always a big need for volunteer help!

Big Announcement!

So because of the HOPP, Brodie and I have been invited to do a photo booth for an event that’s being held by the Billy Graham Association in January! This is so exciting and hopefully will be able to meet a lot of people and make a lot of connections! 

Thank you all for following along! 

Much love from the HOPP Team xx


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