Graduating.. and America?

From Jaynee

Hi everyone! It’s nearing the end of this year and also nearing exam time! 

Recently, I finished my classes and am now preparing to take the GED exams. Ultimately, my plan right now is to study/go into marketing and business, but I won’t be going to university for a while. I’d like to take a little bit before I jump into that.

I am, however, looking into doing a Discipleship Training School, which is the reason we moved to Thailand in the first place! I would love to grow my relationship with God and learn how to further follow him. So, I’ve been considering and praying about doing this within the next year or two.

Also, I’m planning to go to America next year! It’s been since 2015 since I’ve seen my family and friends there, and I think that after I finish high-school completely, and after The 12-Month HOPP is finished, it will be a good time to go and catch up with loved ones. 

Right now, my plan is to go around the month of August, for hopefully a month. 

I’ve been planning this for quite a while now, but only recently decided when I would go. So now, I’m faced with the task of getting the money to go. All around, it’s going to be $2,000 or 65,740THB. Yikes. That’s a scary number, but I know that if God want’s me to go, he’ll help me to get the funds.

And with Christmas and my birthday (March 24) right around the corner, I would love nothing more than if you wanted to give me a gift of even just a small amount of money. 

I’m also going to be doing a fundraiser between December 15 – March 20, and here’s how it works. 

For Everyone

If you donate one of the following amounts between the above dates (December 15 – March 20) I will contact you about getting something in exchange.

  • If you donate $25, I’ll record and sing a song of your choice. 
  • If you donate $50, I’ll write and record a song on the topic of your choice. 
  • If you donate $75, I’ll draw you a black and white portrait of your choice (only 1 person in the picture)
  • And if you donate $100 dollars, I’ll paint you an acrylic, black and white portrait of your choice (only 1 person in the picture)

Here are some portraits I’ve done in the past. 

A pencil, black and white portrait of a stock photo online.
An acrylic black and white portrait of Chris Pratt.

Here’s a video of me singing live at a cafe a few months ago if you want to hear that (I start singing after 1 song,) however I’ve never uploaded an original song online so I don’t have a sample of that. 

For People In Bangkok

If you donate the following amounts between the above time frame, I will contact you about recieving something in exchange. 

  • If you donate 300THB, I will bake you a batch of chocolate chip cookies (around 20 cookies total.)
  • If you donate 750THB, I will bake you brownies.
  • If you donate 2,000THB, I will bake and frost for you a 2 layer cake. (You’re choice between chocolate or vanilla.)

And last thing, if you have any online tasks (simple video editing, proofreading, transcribing English to English, social media tasks, etc,) or offline tasks (babysitting, pick-up/delivery, cleaning, etc,) contact me at or if you have my Facebook, and we can talk about the possibilities of that!

Much love to all of you xx


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