12-Month HOPP

The January and February HOPP – BGA and 30 Hour Famine

Hi everyone! It’s the beginning of 2019 and the HOPP team has been busy! We’ve been planning the next (and last!) 4 months of the HOPP and it’s been crazy! We’re so incredibly excited to announce them to you.

This month (January,) we’re helping at a Billy Graham Evangelistic Association event! We were invited to set up a photo booth and take photos of the ladies attending on January 16, before the Amazing Love festival on the 19th and 20th. We have been attending meetings, and getting everything planned, and we’re very excited! The event is for organizations that are working with ladies in the red light district, and it’s a nice formal dinner for the ladies and the leaders of the groups. There will be live music, testimonies, and of course, photos! We’re super excited to see how it goes.

In February month, we’ve decided to support World Vision, which helps to provide clean water filters and food for people in poverty. One of their projects/events is called the 30 hours famine, which supports children in South Sudan. The task is going 30 hours without food, doing a fundraiser or two, and getting people to pledge to you so that you raise money for the children.

We plan on doing the 30 hour famine on February 1-2, so if you want to join us then, you’re very very welcome to! Or, if you want to, you can host your own 30 Hour Famine event to raise money for World Vision.

And if you’re interested, World Vision has a lot of different ways that you can help and get involved, so check out their website here.

We hope that you’ll join us this month and that you have a great start of the year!

Much love from The HOPP Team xx


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