12-Month HOPP

The January and February HOPP – Overview

Hi everyone! It’s been an eventful month and a half, and we’ve just gotten a chance to sit down, but not for long! Let me tell you about everything that has happened.

So, for January, we were invited to do the photo booth for a Billy Graham Association event for organizations that are helping ladies in the red light district.

We were given a budget, and told to just go for it. They liked our original idea, which we did end up changing a bit but it still looked amazing.

So, here’s where the excitement and non-stop business started. We were searching for a local printing place that could print what we needed – a 2.5 x 2.5 meter backdrop, that was not reflective. It took some time but we finally found a place, and it was the same company that our church uses, so we figured that they were pretty reliable.

Early December, we called D-Conceit, and told them what we needed. They said that they could do it and put in contact with their sales director. She was nice, very listening and patient. But then, plans for the event started to change and we told her that we are going to wait for a few more days to order.

We messaged nearly a week later, and told her that we were ready to order. She didn’t respond. We followed up a day or two later, and still no response. We called the company, and they told us they would tell her to look. We still didn’t get a response.

Finally, the first week of January, she responded. We asked if she could deliver it 2 days prior to the event, and she confirmed twice. We placed our order and prayed that everything would be okay. While we waited, we put together our props and got the set-up ready to be taken to the event.

On the day of the 14th, which was the day we were supposed to get the backdrop, the lady messaged us and told us that the back drop wouldn’t be able to be delivered until the day of the event, but she assured that it would arrive in the morning.

Two days later, and we were starting to worry. If this didn’t show up we didn’t have a backup plan. Our budget was tight and this was all we could do. At 10:30 it still wasn’t here, and the lady messaged again and told us there was a problem with printing – they had printed the design on the wrong material. Okay. We thought. We just need a backdrop, can you get it to us quickly? She said yes, and it was delivered by 1 P.M., two hours before we had to leave.

The material was a little reflective, but we were able to make it work. The event went amazingly, and the ladies loved the photos they took. Here are pictures of the set up.

Overall, it turned out amazing, and we cannot thank God enough that everything showed up on time and worked well. This was probably one of the most stressful months we’ve had so far, especially since it wasn’t our event. We couldn’t change it to make it work for us. We couldn’t change the date, or simply take away the photo booth, and it was hard. But it was so good. God is so good.

In February, we did the 30 Hour Famine, which is an event that was started by World Vision, to raise support and awareness for children and the hunger in South Sudan. We did the event on February 1st and 2nd, and it was hard. But while we were doing it, we took Sudanese food to our youth and told people about what we were doing. Not many people wanted to join us, but that was okay.

We posted quite a bit on our Facebook page about South Sudan and we learned a lot by doing research for our posts. It was a really interesting experience, and our hearts go out to the families in South Sudan.

Love you all xx – The HOPP Team


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