Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Genesis 3

Enter the serpent. This short chapter describes a conversation that changed the entire world … FOR.E.VERRRRR. Verse 6 starts out, “The woman was convinced.” Somehow, I don’t think Eve fell for the serpent’s sales pitch after only one short proclamation: of course, you won’t die, you silly thing! Mwhahahaha.

Have you ever convinced anyone about something big with one or two sentences? I like to think there was a whole conversation, complete with eye rolling and debates, when the serpent approached Eve. And that’s another thing, Eve didn’t freak out when the serpent arrived. She wasn’t afraid, or at least it doesn’t say or imply that she was afraid, so I’m going to guess that at the very least they were acquaintances.

Then enters God.

Oops says Eve. She told me to do it, says Adam. And we all get cursed forever. The end. Unfortunately, that’s how some people feel about Christianity, but we’re only on Chapter 3. There’s way more to come! This domino effect of punishments grew from the seed of one lie. Ouch! This reminds me of one of my guilty pleasures – watching the soap opera Days of Our Lives. It’s ridiculous, but I’ve been watching so long, why stop now? I know all the backstories and family histories – and lies! It’s fun to see old characters pop up from 20 or 30 years ago, and they always, always, always have a secret that is the inevitable result of some fib told way back when. That’s kind of a bizarre example, but even in real life, lies always come ‘round full circle, don’t they?

I love how at the end of the chapter, after God rolls out his punishment, he also makes clothes for Adam and Eve – and finally gives them names. God is furious and utterly disappointed, yes, but he comes alongside and says, “I love you. Let’s make the best of it.” That’s some serious mercy and fatherly love right there.

I’m curious about the tree of life, though. This is a reference I’ve never really noticed. I always thought the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was it. But there’s a tree of life, and it’s guarded by a fiery sword! This made a lot of television series make more sense to me. 🤪

Writing prompt: Lord, have mercy!

Summarize a story where you received mercy. Aim for 500 words that include the conflict, punishment and merciful act.


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