Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Genesis 4

“I have produced a man!” Eve proclaims in the very first verse. Let the second generation commence! If we look closely, this chapter implies that a lot of things happened between the time Cain was born and killed his brother, Abel. The Bible doesn’t talk about Eve having other children, but she must have, right? In verse 15, God says if anyone kills Abel, they will be punished super good. If we assume that Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel were the only humans on earth, what did Cain have to worry about? His parents? I’m going with no. In verse 17, Cain has an intimate moment with his wife, so we know there were some ladies on the desert plains. Were they Cain’s “sisters?” Probs. We just have to accept that things were different back then and add that to the list of “Questions to Ask Jesus When the Time Comes.”

So, back to that intimate moment. Lots of people result from that moment! We get clear down to Lamech’s generation, and while we don’t know the significance of Lamech (at least not yet, anyway) or why he killed some dude and won’t get punished, we do see where he comes from: in verse 20, the first tent-maker (let’s think of him as an architect and construction worker) was born; the first musician was born; and the first expert blacksmith was born. I love that God makes sure to point out that each and every one of our skills and talents are specifically placed inside people.

Then comes Seth, the baby who saves the day – or at least he seems to be a blessing in disguise, as his son Enosh, was the first of a generation to worship the Lord by name. This is significant. Remember it, particularly later when the Israelites fear the Lord so much that when He tells them they are free to speak to him, they all say to Moses, “No way! The Lord our God is way too scary to speak to in person.”

Writing prompt: Hey, ladies

Since I’m still pondering a bit about the lady situation back then, let’s write about the ladies back then. Choose a lady (or even an implied lady) who existed at the same time as Adam, Eve and Cain and expand on her point of view. Don’t take the Bible out of context, but seriously think about how life was back then. Answer the 5W1H questions to dig a little deeper into your thoughts!


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