Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Genesis 12

So, dear Abram is in Haran, where his father Terah took him, his wife Sarai and his nephew Lot to escape the horrible situation in Ur of the Chaldeans (Babylonians … sinful people). Terah had set out for the land of Canaan, which was cursed but still occupied by his relatives. He never made it, so now Abram is chosen as the anchor leg to finish the race.

Abram makes it to Canaan, and God tells him that eventually his descendants will be gifted the land. He heads further into the country but is met with famine and takes a detour to Egypt, where he tells a lie to save his own life and then is deported immediately (but gets to keep all the treasures he collected while there).

I know Abrams’s lie is normally the focus of this chapter, but something else struck me … and just kept nagging me to explore it … in verse 9. It says, “Then Abram continued traveling south BY STAGES toward the Negev.”

I get frustrated a lot because I see the end of projects before I start the beginning. In other words, many of those projects never get started. One thing I have learned at work is that things get built one day at a time. I used to drool over seasoned reporters’ portfolios. Oh, the stories they had written! What I realize at 47 years old, though, is that those portfolios were awesome because they took time. They had to be built in stages.

When my step-son gets overwhelmed with life because he feels like he has a million things on his plate and doesn’t know where to start any of it, I ask him the question, “Albert, how do you eat an elephant?” The first time I asked him that question, he gave me the weirdest look, but when I told him the answer, it clicked: one bite at a time.

Writing prompt: stages

Do you have a writing project you know you should work on but haven’t because it’s too overwhelming? Get to it today, and take a bite out of that elephant! (Do 30 minutes of work on it and see where it leads.)


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