Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Genesis 22

I always saw journalists as heroes. I wanted my kids to see me as a hero, too. But journalists’ kids don’t consider late-night meetings, after-midnight deadlines and all-night layout sessions heroic. They just see absence. Though, I look at the reasons why I loved journalism and the blessings my kids received from it, whether they appreciate all those parades and festivals or not, and I’m not sad about some of the sacrifices that had to be made because of my career. Sacrifices have to be made with every job. If you’re in the kid boat right now, trying desperately to understand why your parents have acted one way or another, or if you’re in the adult boat right now, feeling guilty about making a tough life decision that affected your kids, consider poor Isaac! When he was old enough to travel for three days, carry wood on his back while hiking and ask questions (old enough to understand and remember everything, in other words), his father tied him to an altar and almost sacrificed him! Not only would that raise questions about your own father, but it definitely would leave a huge valley of doubt regarding your faith in God. Think about the PTSD Isaac must have suffered! Today, he might have a medicine cabinet full of Xanax and Valium. Thank goodness Isaac didn’t go through this today. The Bible never mentions how Isaac handled the situation emotionally, but we will learn soon that he never loses faith in God. I hope my kids know that while some of my choices seemed (and were) really dumb, I always had good intentions at heart (and plans to prosper and not to harm them).

Writing prompt: surprise ending

Recall a time of great confusion or misunderstanding, over-dramatize it, and give it a far-fetched, fictional surprise ending.


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